It is Grayhawk, LLC's desire to produce the highest possible end product for our valued customers. Not only in the quality of our installed systems, but also relative to the entire construction process from pre-construction services through project closeout.

We invite our customers to provide us with critical feedback, whether positive or negative. This information will help us to better understand and act upon our strengths and weaknesses. The end goal is to make our service quality the best in the industry and be your subcontractor of choice all the time.

To gather customer feedback, we have developed the following surveys which will be mailed to our customers at the appropriate stage of a project. Our customers are also welcome to print, complete and return any or all of the surveys at their discretion.

Completed surveys should be mailed or emailed as follows:

Mailed to:

Grayhawk, LLC
P.O. Box 12111
Lexington, KY 40580

Emailed to:

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